Thursday, October 15, 2009

What a Decaying Day

<Artwork done by ME.

So i did manage to write about one third of the outline yesturday. But i said that doay i would buy dishwasher detergent and get some more quarters to do some laundry and send my friend her baby presents. (She just had her baby on last friday). And what did I wake up to? A busted in back windshield on my truck. (Agggggg.) Well needless to say my plans were all bashed in. Glass is everywhere, but luckily they didn't steal anything. There wasn't anything to steal anyway. Until i can take it to the car wash i can't drive kyla around, and i can't drive kyla in it to the car wash because of all the glass. It's a guanine mess. I called the cops and apparently a lot of apartments are being driven through and the cars are all being busted out. I called a junk yard and they sell back windshields. They don't know if they have any because they don't keep track, and they weren't going to bother to look for me. So i have to wait until i clean it out, get an extra thirty one dollars, and plus two dollars on top of that to get my car back to running. And once i go through all that, what is stopping whoever did this from doing it again? Nothing. Well i have a filthy house to clean, and dishes piling higher and higher. A sticky kitchen floor, and only half of a novel lay out. Oh, and a bout a billion dollars worth of student loans to pay off. (Not quite, but it feels like it.) What a rotten day, it feels more like a monday instead of a thursday.

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