Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maybe today i'll be able to do the outline.

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Alright, so to have an easier time of writing a novel, most writers, (including myself) create an outline. Usually mine goes along the lines of something like this:

Chapter one: Main Character (Lilly) is fighting with brother in law and sister in law. Eventually she takes her sister's kids out for a trip to the Pima Library and an ice cream cone. She lets her sister and her sister's husband fight while she takes the kids for an outing into town.


Lily meets up with best friend, (I don't have name for her yet- but i'm basing her off of Queen Latifa) and soon the reader is getting to know the predicament the main character is in. (She's constantly fighting with her brother in law who is one of the villians of the novel- and everyone is pressuring her to get a man.) Meanwhile she's trying to take care of her younger sister's (her name is April)'s kids. So! That is what i'm trying to do. Write the outline to the novel so that I can actually begin writing. The other half of the novel is happening right after WW2. So i have to do some research. I'm going to be posting links to my research on this blog as well. As for now, i'm going to post a poem i wrote waaaaaaaaay back in 2006. I'll ad more links to this area so that people can look at my fan fiction and original work soon.

Writing: Oh what a lover.

Rain falling against my window,
A angel cries because of it’s beauty,
While I sit here in my own type of monopoly.
I try the quil of my keyboard,
Think it’s strange to feel the flow again,
Of a talent I have let sit on the floor.
Writing comes like a stranger’s kiss,
Exciting but strange,
Soft but different,
Every time it’s different.
I sit here in my room,
Deep in the women’s dorm,
And ponder…nothing.
Listen to the music of the night,
Try out the feeling of being alive,
And resist the urge to stop.
Because writing is an almost forbidden pleasure,
All the things I need to do,
Let myself go again,
And feel the stranger’s kiss.
In all it’s glory,
Seducing me to the keyboard yet another time,
Like a lover who calls outside my window in the rain.
It embraces me,
Kisses my neck,
My face,
And swears to never leave.

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