Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Lovely Muses!

I am happy to inform you that i have figured out what the middle of my novel with have. Action! There's romance that will make everyone coo- and action that will entice even the dull non-believers. :) Ah. What a relief. It's like having writing constipation. hehe. Now i have the whole idea to put down to writing. I don't want to give it all away, but lets just say there's a chase scene through dusty cotton Fields, guns, crashes, and cops! And i have also decided to add into my novel that deep hippie streak that i have. Deep down I have always wanted to buy a rickety old trailer, haul it out to the middle of nowhere and park it. I could commute to work every day, but i'd live out in the wilderness (electricity or no) and have a stove to keep warm, and maybe a generate to run when i want to cook something. That is what my main character is, a pottery-expert and art teacher, who now lives on her family's old ranch. Her friends come to hang out with her when the world gets too much to handle. She's self reliant to the extreme, and is LOVING it. Ahh. What a great main character. I've included this artwork i did back in...2005, i think, because i always thought the hippie era of the sixties was intricately amazing and strange at the same time.

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