Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ahh a Writer's Wednesday Thinking of Research

After Jon's birthday party the house is a little bit of a mess, but luckily the dishwasher was invented slightly before my time so all i have to do is throw the dishes in the dishwasher! And then sit next to the dinning room table and complete my novel outline.
So far i have realized that i will have to do a lot of research. April(the sister of my main character) is in an abusive marriage, and I know I know I want to portray this particular tension in the most realistic light. I bet the librarians are going to be looking at me very strangely when i check out these particular books. hehe.
However! I am looking foreword to researching the fashions of the forties! My other main character (Angela) is alive just after WW2. As a free-thinking independent woman, i want to try to delve into the thought process of this remarkable character from the 1940s. I'm going to research fashion, popular novels, movies, and economy. Lots of research, but it should be really fun.
'horse family' in oil createdy by myself-

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