Friday, October 16, 2009

As I Sit With My Hair Drying

In a short while i am going to go clean up my car, and put all the broken glass in the dumpster. However, right now i intend to write a short blog. I wrote a small amount of my novel outline for yesterday, but now i have come to the dreaded middle. What to do? Well I don't know. Perhaps add in more of the second plot line. It seems to be the best idea. So here goes the interesting interweaving of 1947 and 2010. Both main characters are incredibly strong women, but while Lillian(2010) is fully capable of doing everything she wants, and customs allow it, Angela (1947) is bound by the culture of formalities and a male dominated society. Ahh. Even now I'm excited to write it. But as i was writing last night, i realized that this novel is going to be incredibly different from my previous novel. I will need to write better internal duologue and even more captivating imagery. This novel has to have mystery, romance, hatred, and even murder. Whew what a big task. But I'm uploading another sketch i did way back in 2006. It has nothing to do with the blog, but i thought that it was interesting.

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