Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Before I Start Cleaning...

Well today has been a pretty good day so far! First off! Happy Birthday to my man! Happy Birthday Jon! And to Amanda B if you ever get to my blog, hi! It's been great being able to talk to you!
I have known Amanda since we were both about thirteen, so it's great to talk to her again. :) The outline is coming along slowly but purposefully. Lilian (The main character) is becoming deeper as I go along, so is her sister April. However, i need to find a name for a villain. (April's husband who is abusing her). My first name was Lester. Which wouldn't work because he's white, from a small town in Arizona, and just wouldn't work.
Well i have to go, my little girl is waving at me, as is her diaper that is wagging past her little knees. hehe.
If you have some names for villains, let me know!

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